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Festival Essentials

Festival Essentials

The summer brings Festival season all over the world and over the years of going to different kinds of festivals I have found there are some very essential things that make your time there more comfortable and enjoyable  

So here are my top 10 festival must haves....

1. A Portable Phone Charger : Your phone will definitely get low on battery fast, with all the picture taking and although phone service at festivals is usually terrible, you don't want to get lost with no phone!

2. Sunscreen : It may sound obvious but you are out in the sun all day a lot of the time with little shade. So, it's super important to bring a sunscreen you like to use and re-apply!

3. Hand Sanitiser & Tissues : Let's be honest, the toilet situation is never particularly nice! So having a bunch of tissues incase there are none and hand sanitiser because there is often nowhere to wash your hands. I love a few of the different natural ones that you can get.

4. Ear Plugs : This might seem like a weird thing to take when you are going to listen to very loud music but over an entire weekend can be really hard on your ears. 

5. A Practical Bag : Whether you go for a backpack, fannypack or cross body bag go for something that is the smallest size to fit all your stuff because the last thing you want is a heavy bag to carry around. But the most important thing is to have something practical so you can dance dance dance!!!

6. Light Layers : When it comes to summer festivals you never know what the weather can bring but its usually going to be hot in the day and get cooler at night. So going with an outfit that you can tie a thin jacket or sweater at your waist for later can be great....I love a thin parka!

7. Comfortable Flat Shoes : I'm always a fan of a simple ankle boot, I have a couple of pairs that are very well worn in. You are going to be doing a lot of walking and dancing so don't let your shoes slow you down! Sneakers can be great but go for a dark coloured pair, not new white ones!

8. Cheap Sunglasses : Festivals are not the place to wear your favorite new Chanel Sunnies. Incase pick up a few fun cheap pairs, so if you loose or break them it worn ruin your weekend!

9. Wet Ones or Face Wipes : These can be super useful for so many things! You never know how hot and sweaty you are going to get or if you might spill something on your perfect boho look! 

10. Snacks : There is usually great food at festivals but sometimes the lines can be super long and it can also be super pricey! So why not through a few healthy snacks in your bag for when you don't want to leave the stage but definitely want a quick bite!

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