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Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation


Monday's for me are always the most inspiring part of my week. Sunday night so many of us have that "Oh no! The weekend is over and work is coming!" feeling. I too have been there, MANY times before. However, I have always felt Monday mornings give me that new lease of life, fresh start feeling that I LOVE! Last week is washed away and I am ready to take on this new one! There are some ways however that I have helped myself to feel that way, how I get prepared and give myself the best start at a new week!


1. Prep the night before....If you know you have an early start and a big day on Monday, I love to use the last part of my Sunday to get organized. Tidy the house and my space; for me my home office has to be tidy when I start working otherwise it just clutters my head. If I know I have a busy day of meetings or an early morning shoot then I always like to pick out my outfit, think about my hair/makeup and have that all laid out so I don't have to think about it. That always helps for a smooth morning.

2. Try and get an early night. This one isn't always possible as I like to enjoy my weekends to the fullest (don't we all!) but getting as much of an early night as possible always helps to get my sleep pattern on a good schedule for the rest of the week.

3. Morning meditation. This is something I am really trying to incorporate into my daily routine, but if you are struggling to meditate then why not start off by giving yourself a mantra or setting an intention for the day or the whole week. A great way of doing this is to right it down on a post it and stick it somewhere where you can see it whilst you are getting ready. I have really found this mindfulness step has helped me to get focused and start my week positively.


4. Self care. I am very into self care! For everyone that looks a little different, for me I always take the time to do my full skincare routine, do my hair and makeup (even if I'm at home), put a cute outfit on (even if that's just my workout clothes). I also like to walk our dog Enzo in the morning, it gives me a great time to think, sometimes I will even get in an entire podcast on the walk! For you it might be carving out time to work out in the morning. Find something that makes you feel good and DO IT!

5. Eat a good healthy breakfast. I am often guilty of grabbing a coffee and a muffin/bagel on the go in the morning. But if you can have the ingredients in to prep a healthy breakfast first thing on Monday morning, your body will love you for it for the rest of the week. Something like a smoothie can be a great option! I love the smoothie recipes from Kelly LeVeque aka Be Well By Kelly!

And finally the biggest thing I have learned and still have to remind myself is not too stress too much! A lot of the time things don't go to plan or I don't have time to get that healthy breakfast in that I wanted but going with the flow can be just as helpful to start your Monday on the right foot! 

SO HAPPY MONDAY! Here's too an amazing week!

World Sleep Day

World Sleep Day

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