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"Thing's are just peachy!"

"Thing's are just peachy!"

I love the phrase "Things are just peachy!". It's such a funny term to say everything's great. That seems to be the rose colored lens that social media gives us. I have been wanting to write a blog post for awhile on staying positive, motivated and happy. I think there is so much pressure nowadays to live that perfect, happy life so much because of social media.

We consume so much through Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook of what everyone else is doing - whether they are a friend or just someone we follow. So much so, that there is a whole new pressure to "keep up with the joneses". But, what is really going on behind the scenes and how much work does it take to create that perfect instagram photo!

As we move through this journey of social media and take in more and more than ever before I think it is important to get some perspective on it all. I have lots of ways that I like to keep myself motivated and not get too consumed with what everyone else is doing. So, I thought I would share 5 of my favorite ways....

1. Change your routine....

So, I used to wake up every morning and the first thing I would would be to check all of my social media. I also did the same up until I went to bed. This was just simply out of habit rather than something I needed to do. This is such an easy thing to change and it has also helped me sleep so much better.

2. Turn off Notifications...

This might be something that you already have done but I found turning of my notifications on social media gave me less reasons to pick up my phone and then end up in a scrolling vortex.

3. NEVER compare yourself....

This is obviously easier to say than to do. However, it is a huge one and what you have to remember is that on social media we all portray the BEST versions of ourselves or the one that we want everyone to see. So, whether to get that perfect shot 50+ photos we taken or if we only share the healthiest, prettiest food we have eaten that day. Everyone is sharing their best self and that is fine because I love looking at all the ascetically pleasing images from all my favorite influencers, it inspires me to create better content. But, I do not compare myself and that mindset has been a huge shift.

4. Limit the time spent online...

A big part of my work is on social media so I do spend more time on it than most. Because of that I have tried to make the time I spend on there more conscious. So I will a lot time in my scedhule where I will post my content for the day and go through and see what other people have been posting. Then I will a lot a second time in the day to go back and check comments etc. That way I am not sitting there mindlessly scrolling. 

5. Switch off....

If you are finding yourself getting too wrapped up in social media then take some time away from it. It can be amazingly productive. I have found when doing a social media cleanse for just 3 days I have found myself getting way more done as I am not wasting time scrolling. I also love a rule of when going to lunch or dinner with friends (unless in an emergency) keeping phones away. After all, getting that person to person time in with no phone distraction is what it's all about anyway!

I hope some of these tips help and the main thing I think when it comes to social media is to only share positivity. There is enough hate out there, so don't add to it. As they say..."If you have nothing nice, say nothing at all!".

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